Xu Bin

Xu Bin (徐彬) came to Singapore from Fujian, China, when he was just 11. He is currently 24 years old (2013). That means he has been in Singapore for at least 13 years.

He was one of the Top 20 contestant on the
Channel U Program: Campus Super Star (Season 2, 2007)

Here’s a video of one of his singing performance:
徐彬 – 《除此之外》
Xu Bin – Chu Ci Zhi Wai

After the Campus SuperStar contest, he turned his attention back to school. Upon his poly graduation, he entered the entertainment industry again. (2012)

This time, he appeared in Dasmond Koh’s Movie, “Timeless Love”

Followed by a stint with Mediacorp in the drama series “Don’t Stop Believin” (我们等你)

He acted as a rebellious schoolboy at odds with his father, filled with teenage angst.

His popularity sky-rocketed thereafter.



According to Wikipedia, “Don’t Stop Believin'” was  the most-watched television drama of 2012 in Singapore, garnering an average viewership of 919,000 over its 20 episodes. Here’s a trailer of “Don’t Stop Believin'”


Xu Bin subsequently won a Mediacorp Star Award for “Favourite Male Character” for his role in “Don’t Stop Believin” (我们等你) in early 2013.


View his winning speech in this video:’
Start Video at this timing: 5:00

He is definitely one of the more sought after actors after his award win.

He acted and appeared on-air  in “It Takes Two” 对对碰 and “Spice Up” 幸福料理
in a short span of  9 months in 2013.

Behind-the-scenes Video of “It Takes Two” 对对碰 –

Plus, Xu Bin can now be seen on 2 dramas on Channel 8.(Oct 2013)


One of the is “Gonna Make It” and the other is “The Recruit Diaries

Xu Bin in The Recruit Diaries (阿兵新传)  The popular Channel 8 drama series is on-air from 18 July to 17 October 2013 Every Thursday 8.30 pm.

Xu Bin was spotted with Ming Bridges on “dates” for a variety show in September 2013 “Date A Star 2” (我和偶像有个约会2) Source: http://on-msn.com/182Hmro




He is currently filming a new drama. Look out for the new show “Yes We Can!” (我们一定行)!






Xu Bin’s Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/noontalk.xubin
Xu Bin Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/Xubin_
Xu Bin Fan Club Bingo Website: http://www.xubin.sg


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