Julie Tan


“Gonna Make It”‘s opening scene showed the female protagonist, Su Xiao Xiao,  played by Julie Tan, being released from prison. She is playing the role of a 不良少女.

Come on, Julie looks too nice to be a convict from prison!

In the next 15 minutes or so, she bumps into her wayward old friends (Edwin Goh), a possible love interest (Xu Bin), gets a hair cut and a purple dye job on her nape and makes her way back home to her grandparents.

In the first episode, you can catch Bryan Wong shaving his head.
Though it’s not really a Star Award worthy moment like Cynthia Koh’s shave from Tofu Street,
it’s still a novelty and noteworthy.

Hair Shaving has such a significant impact and meaning to different people.
Wonder what he felt after the scene was done. Hmm.

A little about Julie..

Some Random facts about Julie :
Height: 1.72 metres
Age at year 2013: 21 years old
Born in Malaysia.
An only child from a well to do family.
She adopted a pet toy poodle dog named Tinkerbell.
Before 2009: Student at Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School
2009: 1st Runner Up at The New Paper Face Contest
Schooling in Singapore at
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) with a Diploma in Theatre. (2013)
She signed a 5 year contract with Mediacorp in Dec 2012.
TV and Movie Filmography
2009 (17 Years Old)
My World, My Blog 青涩部落格
Ch U Info-Ed Programme
2010 (18 Years Old)
魔幻视界 The Illusionist
泳闯琴关 No Limits
红白囍事 New Beginnings
2011 (19 Years Old)
PK爱情 Let’s Play Love
乐在双城 A Tale of 2 Cities
2012 (20 Years Old)
星洲之夜 A Song To Remember
好运到 It’s A Wonderful Life
2013 (21 Years Old)
96°C 咖啡 96°C Cafe (Xin Msn Webisode and Drama)
小小传奇 Gonna Make It

Julie did not do too badly. She was actually the 1st runner up title.


Julie Tan has been paired up with a number of Mediacorp’s male actors. Here are some references. Julie and Romeo Tan .


Julie and Ian


Julie and Elvin Ng in “It’s a Wonderful Life”  好运到 in 2012.


She has acted alongside Qi Yuwu (Sounds like “715” in Mandarin) and Joanne Peh in one of Channel’s 8 mega drama serial: “A Song To Remember” 星洲之夜 in 2012.



2. Mid Length with Girl Next Door Appeal


3. Long Sleek School Girlish and China Doll Style


4. Wavy and Tousled Mid Length Sultry Office Lady Style


She looks so poor thing here! Her acting is impressive! She conveys the character through her eyes and body language.

In my opinion, she had an excellent stellar performance in Unridde 2: http://entertainment.xin.msn.com/en/celebrity/buzz/asia/unriddle-2-the-good-bad-and-questionable?page=5 – See more at: http://singpost.blogspot.sg/2013/08/julie-tan-jiu-mei-from-that-girl-in.html#sthash.IXVvfRG4.dpuf

Her acting was spell-binding and made me believe she was the real character in the show.
The role called for extreme changes in her facial, mood and body expressions as
she was cast as a girl with a bi-polar disorder who is both mute and deaf.

She was also known as “Jiu Mei” or “九妹” for a while when the drama serial  “A Song To Remember” was airing on tv in Singapore.

She was so well known as the character that even the local news media used her character name as a headliner. “Jiu Mei escapes death!”


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